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Commercial Cleaning Services in Kirkcaldy, Fife

For first-rate commercial cleaning services in Kirkcaldy, Fife, look no further than AW Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning. Our experienced professionals are standing by to provide a wide array of effective, affordable cleaning services.

What We Offer

Our commercial cleaning company offers cleaning services for driveways. We utilise a flat surface cleaner to ensure the job is done thoroughly. Patio, decking, refurbished decking, and roofs are all capably cleaned by our experienced team. We also buff and shine wooden floors, and clean house walls, PNC facias, soffits, and gutters. Any hard surface may be thoroughly cleaned by our committed, friendly team. Don’t want a pressure wash? We also offer a soft wash using chemicals, should you prefer it.

“Hard to Reach” Cleaning

We’re proud to offer a hard-to-reach cleaning service. This accommodates the following:

  • Ventilators in the Ceiling
  • Heating Ducts
  • Air Conditioning Vents
  • Roof Cleaning — From Gutter Level via a Cherry Picker or Ladder; We Won’t Step Foot on Your Roof

CCTV Inspection

We’ll deploy a SkyVac™ camera with a reach of up to 10 metres to assess the condition of your gutters and check for blockages.

Interior Cleaning

Skilled and professional, our team also cleans interiors. This includes seats, tables, carpets, and interiors for pubs and restaurants. We use a hot water extraction system to achieve exceptional results. In addition, we shampoo carpets using in-depth techniques; rest assured that we’ll clean more than the top layer.

Cherry Pickers

We’re equipped with cherry pickers, allowing us to check the condition of roofs for blocks of flats and other buildings.

Steam Cleaning Kitchen Canopies

Businesses require annual certification that demonstrates their ventilation ducts have been cleaned. We’re equipped to issue HSE certificates for commercial businesses, including restaurants, pubs, and any kind of business cooking food which takes fats and dust into ventilation systems. By using the latest equipment, we make sure to conduct a quality job.

Free Quotation

Working flexibly, we’ll advise you when we’re available to visit. Then, we’ll measure up the size of the job and provide you with a free, accurate quotation.